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Filmmaking (Actually) Ep. 18 "An (Actual) Update from Space Dream Productions!"

Join Koura (and Spacey and Bryan!) as they offer a podcast update. Enjoy!

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Below please find a transcript of this episode. Episodes are also available as audio-only podcasts here or with subtitles in this video:

An (Actual) Update from Space Dream Productions!

KOURA: Hi! Welcome back to my podcast, Filmmaking (Actually). I know I haven't posted in a while and you may notice that this episode is like five minutes long. But the reason for that is that we here at Space Dream Productions have been working like buzzy bees on something pretty cool! So cool that Space Dream Productions partners Spaceship and Brian Redhead are actually here with me in the very same room! Say “hi” guys.

SPACEY: Hi guys.


KOURA LINDA: But, wait! We have to, like, all talk at once so it's proof we're in the same room. How do you prove you're in the same room in a podcast?

BRIAN REDHEAD: What number am I thinking?




SPACEY: I think that means we're all in the same room.


KOURA LINDA: After a quarantine period, we're here on location about to be joined by a handful of pretty awesome fellow creatives to make something really cool. That's a good detailed announcement right? I mean, uh ,we're here. So, yeah.

BRIAN REDHEAD: I think it's good, but Spacey, six feet away!

SPACEY: All right, right.

KOURA LINDA: The best news is that I've been taking notes during this experience and I think I will have a few helpful things to share with you after this is all done. So stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook, Space Dream Productions, for…

SPACEY: Space Dream Productions! I'm over here. I'm far away now.

KOURA LINDA: We live together!

SPACEY: I'm quarantining nine feet away.

KOURA LINDA: Stay tuned to our social media for some more updates. Want to take a guess at what we're working on? Feel free to email us your guesses along with any requests for future episodes at filmmakingactually(at)gmail(dot)com and if you guess it right you win a prize. [deep voice] Guess how close I am right now? I'm really close. That's, that's a hint.


ALL: [Laughter]

KOURA LINDA: Wow! Well this is not Spacey speaking and I …

SPACEY: I'm not going to cut you off, I'm just going to leave you hanging there.

BRIAN REDHEAD: I'm Brian Redhead. You could join us next week.

SPACEY: That was a good radio voice!

KOURA LINDA: It was! You're hired! Can you do my podcasts for me?

BRIAN REDHEAD: I did radio for, like, a little bit of the journalism school.


KOURA LINDA: That's right. So the big announcement is that I'm quitting and Brian's gonna take over.

BRIAN REDHEAD: No. I mean, is that the big announcement?

KOURA LINDA: No! Okay, well I guess that's our podcast episode.

SPACEY: How do you usually say goodbye Koura?

KOURA LINDA: Well you usually say a Spacey speaking.

SPACEY: You usually say, “Okay. That's it. Byyyyyye.”

[long pause]

SPACEY: Oh, I did it for you, didn't I! Nice, so let's edit that together.

SPACEY: You've been listening to "Filmmaking (Actually)" with Koura Linda, Space Dream Production's podcast. Subscribe to us on any or all the podcast platforms. But we especially recommend our sponsor, Anchor. If you like what you hear, leave us five star ratings and positive reviews on iTunes and Stitcher. It helps more listeners like you discover the show. But the best thing you can do if you really like the show is tell a friend. And to leave a comment or ask a question, email at filmmakingactually(at)gmail(dot)com. This is Spacey speaking and remember... Where you left your keys and we'll see you next time.


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