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Feature Film // Directed by Koura Linda

Safely shot mid the Covid-19 pandemic in Sept 2020 in Crystal River, FL, "Catching the Light" is a feature film written by Koura Linda & Spaceship and  Canadian writers Alan & Linda Barkley, based on an original screenplay optioned by Space Dream Productions from Alan and Linda Barkley. 

Following a fatal accident, Leila has struggled in darkness for the past year. Desperate, her sister hires a watercolor painter with his own harrowed history in the hope that their dangerous connection might make enough fractures in Leila's world for light to break through.

Starring Soleyman Pierini (Robert Zemeckis' "The Walk"), Kellie Kessling, Regan James, Erica Tyler, and Amy Nicole. 


"Catching the Light" is directed by Koura Linda, with cinematography by Spaceship and Koura Linda.  Executive Producers Bryan Redhead, Koura Linda, and Spaceship, Associate Producer Nick Gambino. 

Slated for release 2023, pending festival schedules.

Previews and sneak peeks can be seen on our Patreon page.


Further production information and distribution options available upon request.  Please contact us.

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