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Short Film //Directed by Spaceship & Koura Linda

48 Hour Film Project short film about a young girl who struggles to illustrate her feelings as everyone she loves slips away.  But can she trust anything if she can't even trust reality? 

Written, produced, and completed within a 48 Hour window for the 48 Hour Film Project Tampa/St. Petersburg.

CAST (in alphabetical order):

Hannah Bender

Jack Jessup

Koura Linda

Samantha Deboer

Siobhan Gale

Ysela Williams


Koura Linda


Heather Bender

Amanda Browne

Shesperfect Johnson

Hugo Perez

Joselyn Lucia

Chris Bender

Hannah Bender

Special Thanks:

John Jessup

Wendy Robbins


Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival - TBA

Official Selections:

48 Hour Film Project Tampa/St. Pete - 2023

Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival - 2024


Best Supporting Actress - Samantha DeBoer

Best Musical Score - Sarah Daly

Best Editing - Spaceship & Koura Linda


3rd Place - Best Film - 48 Hour Film Project Tampa/St. Pete


Best Director - Spaceship & Koura Linda

Best Writing - Spaceship & Koura Linda

Best Cinematography - Spaceship

Best Sound Design - Spaceship

Best Actress - Hannah Bender

Best Supporting Actress - Ysela Willams

Best Supporting Actress - Koura Linda

Best Supporting Actor - Jack Jessup

Best Costume Design - Koura Linda

Best Ensemble Cast - Hannah Bender, Siobhan Gale, Ysela Williams, Samantha DeBoer, Jack Jessup, Koura Linda

Best Visual Effects - Spaceship

Best Graphics - Spaceship

Best Use of Character - Spaceship & Koura Linda

Best Use of Genre - Spaceship & Koura Linda

Audiences Choice Award


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