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Book Trailer // Directed by Koura Linda

Book Written by Melissa Mendelson


We all have our own experiences from 2020. We all have our own experiences from the
pandemic and everything that it brought to all chapters of our lives.

When Melissa Mendelson came to us to talk about creating a book trailer for her collection of short stories inspired by her perspectives during the pandemic, the thing that spoke to us the most was the heart of it all: we all have our own stories.

No matter what those stories are, the common thread to us all is that we have stories. We are all here experiencing life as human beings in this wild world. And what 2020 meant to us, and how it affected us is not the same person to person.

We went through the book and selected characters from her stories, and tied them together into a book trailer that not only gives these characters a moment of cinematic life, but we hope speaks to not only our own lived experiences. We are all living these experiences side-by-side, and at the end of the day, no matter how different we feel from one another, we are all living the
human experience together.

It is an absolute honor to bring Melissa Mendelson's "Stories Written Along Covid Walls" book trailer to life!

You can check out her book of short stories HERE.

A big THANK YOU to The Main Street Eatery in Brooksville, FL for staying open after hours for us to film!

CAST (in alphabetical order):

AJ Antrim

Angeliz Bruno

Celeste Jenne

Cimone Ferry

Dev Michael

Joey Antrim

Pang Thao

Warren Castro-Diaz

Ysela Williams


Koura Linda


Sarah M Penn

Blake Detelich

Sean Pro Slacker Critelli

Upcoming Screenings:


Official Selections:

Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival - 2024

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