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Short Film // Directed by Koura Linda


This dramatic mystery was co-written by Spaceship & Koura Linda based on "The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter" by Sarah Daly.  It was brought to life by Koura Linda, filmed on location in Florida in August 2022 with a limited cast and crew. 


Raised in a coastal town by her protective father after the loss of her mother, a young woman facing down death learns who she really is.


The film is currently in the festival circuit and available on Patreon for early access here.

CAST (in alphabetical order):

Ava Charlotte Curtis

Brooke Kayla

Derek Wolf

Kora Kokavec

Siobhan Gale

Talia Alonso

W. Roger Fingar


Koura Linda


Sarah M. Penn

Jedi Brunoehler

Siobhan Gale

M. Spencer

Cimmone Ferry

Justin Mattaliano

W. Roger Fingar

Lynda McLaughlin

Special Thanks:

W. Roger Fingar

Sarah Daly

Dr. Gary D. Seiler

Cimmone Ferry

Kali Percy Alonso

Susan Curtis

Monica Canducci

Lynda McLaughlin

Mac Smith

Nora Raleigh Baskin

Justin Mattaliano

Fernando Alonso

Simone Kokavec

Nathan Benedict

Jonathan on the Beach

Chipotle & Blaze Pizza

The Orlando Film Commission

Rainbow Springs State Park Service

Pine Island Park Service



Upcoming Screenings:


Official Selections:

(screenplay) Organization of Independent Filmmakers Jolt Challenge - 2022

Organization of Independent Filmmakers Jolt Challenge - 2022

Orlando International Film Festival - 2023

Award Nominations:

Best Hair & Makeup - OIF JOLT 2022

Best Supporting Actress (Siobhan Gale) - OIF JOLT 2022

Best Actor (Derek Wolf) - OIF JOLT 2022

Best Editing - OIF JOLT 2022

Best Music - OIF JOLT 2022

Best Original Story - OIF JOLT 2022

Best Sound - OIF JOLT 2022

Best Picture - OIF JOLT 2022

Best Actress of 2022 (Brooke Kayla) - OIF JOLT 2022

Special Mentions:

Artist Circle - NOVAIFF 2023

Honorable Mention - OIFF 2023


Best Production Design - OIF JOLT 2022

Best Cinematography - OIF JOLT 2022

Best Actress (Brooke Kayla) - OIF JOLT 2022

Best Director - OIF JOLT 2022

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