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Short Film // Directed by Spaceship

A son chronicles the journey in stages of his mother's recovery from a devastating stroke in 2012.


A nine-minute black-and-white documentary, this story is laid out as a "found footage" film, much like the manner in which it was rediscovered years later by the subject's son and the film's director, Spaceship.


With minimal editing and no imposed narrative, recorded primarily on his cell phone, he pieced the clips together in chronological order and found the story largely intact as seen in the finished film. Spaceship then juxtaposes the unfolding events, however painful or small or joyful, with a music soundtrack that evokes the bittersweet portrayal of the caring for a caretaker.


It is this mother's ability to overcome and regain her independence in the face of an otherwise debilitating crisis that makes the film such a tribute to his mother.

Festival Screenings TBA

Special Mentions:

Artist Circle - NOVAIFF 2020

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