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Feature Film: COMING SOON

Comic Relief” is a multi-award winning feature film screenplay by Alex Hawthorne, which has been optioned by Space Dream Productions, and is currently back in development for production with full safety protocols in place.


Determined to succeed as a stand up comedian, a children's party entertainer chases her dreams while struggling with ever-increasing alcoholism and depression.


Sometimes, though, it isn’t about the success in the end. It’s about getting to the beginning.


P.S. Thank you to AX Media Graphic Design for the awesome neon lettering for our logo!


Official Selections:

Script Summit Writer’s Competition – 2018

Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival – 2018

Action On Film International Film Festival – 2017



Best Comedy Feature Film (Screenplay) – NOVAIFF 2018

Best Drama Feature Film (Screenplay) – NOVAIFF 2018



Stage 32 Screenwriting Contest


Silicone Valley International Film Festival - 2023



Best Dramatic Feature (Screenplay) – AOFIFF 2017

Harold L. Brown Award for Best First Time Writer (Screenplay) – NOVAIFF 2018

Big Sky Film Grant -- Montana Film Office 2022

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Safely shot mid the Covid-19 pandemic in Sept 2020 in Crystal River, FL, "Catching the Light" is a feature film Written by Koura Linda & Spaceship and  Canadian writers Alan & Linda Barkley, based on an original screenplay optioned by Space Dream Productions from Alan and Linda Barkley. 

Following a fatal accident, Leila has struggled in darkness. Desperate, her sister hires a watercolorist with his own harrowed history hoping their dangerous connection might make enough fractures in her world for light to break through.

Starring Soleyman Pierini (Robert Zemeckis' "The Walk"), Kellie Kessling, Regan James, Erica Tyler, and Amy Nicole. 


"Catching the Light" is Directed by Koura Linda, with Cinematography by Spaceship and Koura Linda.  Executive Producers Bryan Redhead, Koura Linda, and Spaceship, Associate Producer Nick Gambino. 

Slated for release in 2023, pending festival schedules.

Previews and sneak peeks can be seen on our Patreon page.


Further production information and distribution options available upon request.  Please contact us.

Nine Tenths of the Law.png

Nine Tenths
of the Law

Feature Film: COMING SOON

Two sisters discover a menorah on display in a New York City museum seventy years after it was stolen from their mother by the Nazis in war-torn Poland. They chase it through history and family trauma, with the FBI hot on their tails, and a growing pile of bodies filling their path.

This action thriller, written by Nick Gambino & Koura Linda, is based on the novel "Nine Tenths of The Law" by Claudia Hagadus Long, which depicts her own mother's true story of surviving the Holocaust, the stolen menorah, and reappearance in a Jewish Studies Museum when Claudia was a young woman.


All Jewish characters will be portrayed by Jewish actors.

Dancing Beyond.png

Dancing Beyond

Feature Film: COMING SOON

When a troubled writer accidentally channels the spirit of the celebrated yet tragic dancer Vaslav Nijinsky, she changes her own life, and the lives of those around her for the better.

This optimistic drama is loosely based on the non-fiction works by Monica Canducci, "Turn to Heal—Dancing Beyond: Diary of a Transincarnation" and "Turn to Heal: To the Afterlife and Beyond - Diary of a Transincarnation (2019)." The screenplay is written by Sarah Daly.

Tuesday Mourning


Shot on location in Thibodeaux, LA, Co-Written and Directed by Koura Linda, in today’s world where men are cast in films as superheroes, toxic examples of masculinity, dude-bros, or villains, “Tuesday Mourning” tells the story of a man not readily cast across Hollywood screens – a man wrestling with emotions, struggling with responsibility and regret. The only person brave enough to save him is the one woman who is stronger than his fears.

light short.jpg

To Catch
the Light


Shot mid-Jan 2020 in Salt Lake City, UT, and Park City, UT, "To Catch the Light" is an adapted short film from the feature-length screenplay, "Catching the Light."  The feature was optioned by Space Dream Productions from Canadian writers Alan and Linda Barkley. 

A young woman is struggling in darkness, until her sister hires a young watercolor painter with his own traumatic past in the hopes that he will help her find the light again.

Introducing Jaime Tarkeshian and  Kyle Stephensen, with Zoey Elise Tarkeshian and Candace Tarkeshian, "To Catch the Light" is Directed by Koura Linda, with Cinematography by Spaceship, and Associate Producers Bryan Redhead and Nick Gambino. 

In Her Self


Written & Directed by Spaceship, “In Her Self” is an experimental short film on self-reflection. Currently in production, this passion project is held for a few final shots to be filmed on location before being moved into post production and released!

Spoons & M.E.


“Spoons & M.E.” is a passion project currently in final audio design and mix, though early version edits have been screened at various festivals. 


Written and Directed by Koura Linda, DP’ed by Spaceship, and staring Kenzie Rae Hall in her breakout role in film, “Spoons & M.E.” is a gentle short film exploring a 24-hour time period in the life of a young girl with a chronic illness, specifically the often misdiagnosed and rarely properly treated Myalgic Encephalitis (M.E.).


Official Selections:

Dunedin International Film Festival - 2020

The Women's International Film Festival - 2019

Anabelle Munro’s Most Important Films - 2019

F3: Frankly Film Festival - 2019

Action On Film International Film Festival - 2018

One Fine Day


As a tropical storm becomes a hurricane, a handful of locals left behind find themselves trapped by the torrential rain and winds, and someone - or something - has washed up in the storm and they are no longer alone.

This psychological thriller was written by Koura Linda.

Untitled Holocaust Documentary


Space Dream Productions is currently filming a documentary around a WWII Veteran who was of the first to liberate concentration camps in Europe. Seeing the extreme atrocities they were walking into, his Commanding Officer ordered him to take photos with his souvenir camera because “no one” would otherwise believe what they were seeing.


This is the story of the photographs.

Production was paused for safety due to needed travel and interviews.  To be picked back up as soon as feasible.

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