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Launched in 2013 by Founder & CEO Koura Linda, Space Dream Productions is an independent film and music production company grounded in the idea that all filmmakers are Ambassadors of Humanity, tasked with sharing their voices.  We hold high levels of knowledge, experience, and professionalism, and an understanding that the world of film is as much a business as it is an art in bringing stories to life. 

Space Dream Production operates through the collaboration of staff, contractors, and an internship program managed by executives with over 50 years combined experience with and in the film industry who understand (and have repeatedly done) every single one of the various parts of producing a film.  Our team ensures high professional standards are upheld while creating quality art through every step of visual storytelling. 

Unlike many indie production companies, all of our client projects are either purely creative or include educational and/or entertaining elements.  We do not sustain on commercial and advertising content.  Nothing we make sells just cars or shoes or promotes general consumerism.  We sustain on stories.

To tell these stories Space Dream Productions supports everything from development through well-crafted productions, able to manage any aspect of the elements of production at a well-organized and well-executed level from pre production planning through post production into festivals and distribution. 


Our client work for fellow creatives, artists, activists, and educators focuses on providing these services through collaboration.

Our values include maintaining high-quality work and work ethic while continuing to innovate storytelling.  Filmmakers have the responsibility of creating visual worlds around the stories they tell.  For this reason we focus on creating films that we feel will not only entertain, but aim to showcase pieces of humanity.

​​Since Sept 2016, over 50 projects have moved (or are moving) through our company.  Over 25 completed projects have received over 200 award nominations and special mentions, and over 60 awards, including multiple "Best Director" (awarded to both Koura Linda and Spaceship for 5 different films), "Best Animation," "Best Drama: Short"  and "Best Short."


Almost 20 different projects have been nominated for or won "Best Picture" categories at festivals around the world.

A full list of current festival selections and upcoming screenings is available on our Film Festivals page, and full lists of laurels can be found on our Accolades page.

While carrying out our mission of amplifying stories that may not always be front and center in large studio projects, films produced by Space Dream Productions hope to continue to highlight hard-working otherwise unknown or relatively unknown exceptional artists in music and film from all walks of life.

Heather Bender

My daughter has had the privilege of working with Space Dream in 2 short films. From the moment we stepped on set, they treated both my daughter and myself with respect and professionalism. They were great at explaining what was happening during the shots and in between; we had never done anything in film. …It is apparent that this team cares about their cast and people, in general. Their talent is incredible to watch and seeing their visions come to life on screen gives me chills.

I HIGHLY recommend Space Dream Productions!!

Marissa Lamar

I have worked with Spacey and Koura on 2 music videos and they went way above and beyond what was expected of them to ensure the videos were perfect. The videos have already been accepted into multiple film festivals (and one has already won a special Judges Award at an International Film Festival). They are easy to work & communicate with, and keep things running smoothly. Even the most impossible seeming ideas are figured out & pulled off. I highly recommend hiring them to bring your project to life! 

Jean Carlson

We met the Space/Dream Team during August 2017. We were privileged to attend the film screenings. Names On The Wall, Bringer of War and Teacher/Student are excellent films that were masterfully directed and beautifully acted. The Space Dream Team has integrity, they are talented, creative, passionate about their work and enthusiastic about their desire to produce quality and worthwhile films. We are grateful for their presence in our lives. They are a remarkable team.

jean c.jpg


Space Dream Productions is a full-service production company. 

We provide full developmental services from story concept to scripting to project development into and through production (including casting and crew), through post production and festivals.

Need a music video to bring a song to life?

Looking to develop a story idea?

Looking for content to promote your brand or business?

Have your own project you want to get going?

We can work with you for any phase of the creative process to bring a vision to the screen.

We also offer consultations and mentorship for any part of the filmmaking process.

Please be advised we do not provide financing for projects,
and we do not accept unsolicited materials or unsolicited pitches at this time.

If you are interested in potentially pitching a project,
please check out this episode of Filmmaking (actually)
PRIOR to reaching out with any pitch or materials.



Thank you!

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